Who We Are

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The mission of the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program is to promote wise stewardship of the water quality characteristics and living resource base of the Mobile Bay estuarine system. We are a voluntary, non-regulatory program bringing together citizens; local, state, and federal government agencies; businesses and industries; conservation and environmental organizations; and academic institutions. We engage these groups in determining how best to treat the Bay, its associated coastal waters, and their surrounding watersheds to ensure their protection and conservation for our lifetimes and beyond.

Mobile Bay was designated as an estuary of national significance in 1996 and as a result the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program was created. The Program's charge is to convene a management conference of the estuary's stakeholders to develop and implement a comprehensive conservation and management plan (CCMP).

Guiding Principles

The MBNEP works within a set of principles to maximize its effectiveness in promoting its goals.

Those who live it know it.

Citizens, anglers, boaters, scientists, hunters, and others have a unique insight into the environmental challenges we face, what works, and what doesn’t. Stakeholder input is vital to developing long-term solutions to local challenges.

Economic opportunities must be available.

Our coast is an economic engine, creating significant wealth for our State each year through activities such as trade through the Port of Mobile, recreational and commercial fishing, tourism, hunting, and coastal construction. Many jobs depend on coastal water quality, healthy populations of fish and wildlife, and a mosaic of habitats that provide essential natural functions.

Environmental stewardship is interconnected.

Residents, towns, cities, counties, businesses, industries, academia, community developers, and social services all have vested interests in preserving the quality of life derived from Alabama’s estuaries and coast. Coalitions that bring together a diversity of stakeholder interests are critical to comprehensively addressing the challenges of balancing economic development with environmental protection.

It happens in the river, in the sea, and on the street.

Involvement of citizens in carrying out activities aimed at improving our estuaries, bays, and surrounding watersheds is paramount to ensuring the long-term health and vitality of Alabama’s estuaries and coast. Citizens must be actively engaged in balancing the many uses of our
waters so we can preserve these unique natural resources.